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Assisting with Roof Damage Insurance Claims in Atlanta

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Your Neighbor's Roofer is happy to assist our clients with filing roof damage insurance claims in Atlanta. From the initial roof inspection to the follow through with your insurance company and completing your roof replacement, our team of experienced roofers will do everything they can to ensure the entire process is as stress-free as possible for you. We make the insurance claims process easy!

The Inspection

roof inspection atlantaOur full service, FREE roof inspection is a truly valuable service we give to any customers who asks. We will scour your roof for any key danger signs that point to possible roof failure or extensive expensive water damage. Most insurance companies try to put a timer on how long you have to file a claim, because hail and wind damage can take up to two years to bleed through to the home. If a windstorm blows shingles up (even if they don’t rip all the way off!) those shingles will never be the same again. They will slowly begin to fall off the roof one by one until all that is left is black mold and ugly felt paper. Hail has a different effect. It starts as a tiny little mark on the shingle, and evolves into a massive hole in the only thing protecting your home from the elements. At the end of our inspection, you will have a detailed report on the condition of the roof and a recommendation on how to proceed.

Please see our manual on identifying damage to see the visible evidence of these occurrences.

Filing an Insurance Claim in Atlanta

atlanta insurance claims roofingFiling a claim is easy. The best way to do it is online. We will gladly walk you through how to do it on your own devices. However, if this is not an option, not to worry! We have the number you need to reach your insurance company’s centralized claims unit.

Once you know how to contact your insurance company, make sure you have your policy number ready. It’s not required to start a claim, but because claims departments and agents are separate entities, they will often have a hard time finding your information in their system. Please note they will request a date and approximate time that the damaged occurred, which we will provide to you.

Your insurance company will ask you questions to ascertain what areas of the home are affected. In all cases, it’s best to respond with “roof and gutters”. If you see holes in your siding, mention siding, too. If there are leaks in the house or you have brown spots on a wall or ceiling, you should also give this information. The leaking most likely started far before you noticed it, so it’s okay to answer “I don’t know” if they ask you when the interior damage occurred. Never lie to your insurance company, but don’t guess. At the end of our inspection, you will have a detailed report on the condition of the roof and a recommendation on how to proceed that you can share with your insurance company.

Setting the Adjuster Appointment

roof damage atlantaThis is by far the most important part of the insurance process. Within 24-48 hours of filing a claim, you will receive a call from your adjuster. He will be setting up an appointment to inspect the property. It is of utmost importance that we are present at this appointment. Keep in mind that you are the customer, and the adjuster works for you. If the adjuster wants to give you a few hour time window, please tell him you need an exact time. Do not accept appointments with greater than a one hour window, and please avoid accepting appointments less than 24 hours ahead of time. Again, you are a customer, and you have the right to decide when this appointment happens.

The most important thing to remember about this time is that adjusters are people just like the rest of us. We will never argue with an adjuster at your appointment. We are there to help him measure the roof and to point out evidence of damage. Most adjusters will be able to make a recommendation to the insurance company based on evidence gathered at this time. It is our job to help gather evidence of the home’s exterior. But it’s your job to show him evidence of interior damage! Show the adjuster everything you want him to see. This is your appointment and your home. You are the one who is paying the premiums!

At the conclusion of the appointment, the adjuster will want to speak with you to summarize his findings. If there is any disagreement between our experts and the insurance adjuster, we will make statements and ask questions to help us understand his conclusion. If the adjuster denies your roof, this is not the end of the process. We will help you decide where to go from there, so don’t give up! We’ll advise you immediately if the process should be stopped. Again, you pay the premiums on your policy. We just want you to get a fair shake for the money you put in. We’re happy to bring in outside help for a second or even a third opinion.

Xactimate & Meeting with the Project Manager

insurance claim roofer atlanta gaWhen your roof is approved, the adjuster will write up an estimate. 95% of the time, the software is the same one we use. The program is called xactimate, and it provides middle-of-the-road pricing for services to be rendered. Since we use the same software, we will very rarely argue or talk about the price. We’ll refer to quantity and line items.

It is not uncommon for your insurance carrier to initially approve an estimate with only shingles and felt on it. We will provide an estimate using this same software, but we will include the correct line items, such as ventilation, valley lining, sheathing, drip edge, chimney crickets, and a host of other items. We are licensed, bonded, and experienced Atlanta roofing contractors. We will build the roofing system exactly the way code states, and we will get your insurance company to pay for it where applicable. There will never be additional cost that isn’t discussed and agreed on ahead of time. There are no surprises in our billing system.

The insurance company will likely break the roof payment into several smaller checks. They do this to deter policyholders from spending the money on other things. They also want to ensure the policyholder does not try to get the roof done for less and pocket the difference. We will submit invoices to the carrier in order to receive the appropriate funding. If no invoices are sent, no funds are released. If these forms are forged, it constitutes a felony. This is why it is extremely important for us to file all paperwork correctly!

Whenever you receive the first payment, and more importantly the paperwork that goes with it, our project manager will have made an appointment to meet with you. It is critical that everyone who has a say in the color and style of shingle is present! Our project manager will bring several full samples to review with you, and will be able to make recommendations based on your style of home. This is the exciting and fun part for everyone. We get to completely change the curb appeal of your home! This is the best time to address any questions or concerns you may have about the roof materials we’ll be using.

The Installation

roof installation atlanta gaA roof installation is the only time your house will have more people ON it than IN it! This is easily our favorite part of the process. The paperwork is done. The Custom Roofing System has been designed. Now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road.

We’ll do our best to prepare you well in advance for this big day. A roofing company has to be dynamic, and we are very good at rolling with the punches. That being said, there is a lot that can happen to complicate our schedule. Every day of rain steals two days away from our installation calendar. Oftentimes, the ground is still too wet the day after the rain to drag several tons of shingles through it. We strive to leave the property exactly as we found it, but with one notable upgrade...your new roof!

Our supply company will deliver the shingles via semi-trucks. Roofing material is almost always delivered the day before the roof is to be installed. The supplier has a forklift that rides on the back of the trailer and will be used to place the shingles in a strategic position so they are accessible to the roof, but still avoid being in your way. If there are special circumstances that could be an issue, please let us know at the time of contract signing. We will use every means possible to mark off septic tanks, irrigation systems, soft spots, or anything else you think could get damaged in the process. Keep in mind shingles are very heavy, and should sit on your driveway when possible to avoid damage to the grass.

Installation Day Timeline

new roof installation atlanta gaThe very first thing we do when we arrive on installation day is to protect your valuable property and foliage from damage. Our crews are trained to cover things with tarps and to move valuables away from the home. Please note the very nature of roofing requires us to throw tons of old material off of your roof and into a trailer or onto a tarp. Please exercise extreme caution when entering or exiting your home on installation day.

Once we secure the area, we will begin to remove the old roof material. Every single installation we do will meet or exceed local and state code standards. This means we will always remove every piece of old roofing before installing new material. This is the only way to get a good look at the underlying wood supporting the shingles. If any piece of wood is blackened, we will remove and replace it. We will provide three free sheets of plywood and labor. This is typically more than enough to get the job done correctly, but if you have a lot of leaks, there is a good chance more wood is damaged and you will need more than the free sheets we provide.

After stripping the old material, the next step is to begin installing our premium synthetic felt, drip edge, ice and water shield, and any other accessories you have requested. At this time, we will also a install new chimney flashing, new step flashing, and new pipe jacks (this is why we can offer our 10 year Leakmaster no leak warranty).

After we have confirmed that all products have been installed, all wood has been repaired, and all high-risk areas are thoroughly sealed, we will begin installing your shingle choice. Be sure to take pictures of your roof while our employees are working, and feel free to share them on Facebook! You can tag us (and like our page!)

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Mortgage Companies

If you have a mortgage, line of credit, or any other kind of lien on the property, your insurance carrier will include their name on any payments. This is state law, and there is no way to get around this. We will fill out the required paperwork and send it in for you. Please call your mortgage company upon approval. Ask them what is needed to get the payment endorsed, and they will likely send out a packet to fill out, which we can assist with. At this time, please give our company permission to talk to them strictly about the insurance claim. If your mortgage is serviced through a local bank, it is very likely we can meet you at the branch and hash everything out in person.

Completion Certificate & Wrapping Up

insurance claims roofer atlantaAfter we have fully satisfied you and your household, we will ask you to sign a certificate of completion. This document is then sent into the insurance company with a detailed invoice, of which you will receive a copy. This document is needed in order for your insurance company to issue the next check. This payment is often referred to as the “RCV”, or Replacement Cost Value. It’s often not the final payment, but should reflect the original number your insurance company estimated.

Oftentimes, the final total your insurance is willing to pay will change throughout the roofing process. Do not be alarmed. Your out of pocket maximum is no greater than your policy deductible (the deductible is a part of the insurance contract you selected when you bought your policy). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to get around this. The only time the amount of money you pay out of pocket would change is if the project manager has a detailed conversation with you about the change, AND you approve it by signing a “Change Order”. If you do not sign a change order prior to work starting, you will in no circumstance be liable to pay that cost. Change orders are extremely rare, but sometimes you just don’t know what’s inside the present until you unwrap it.

Supplemental Payments

roofer atlanta gaAny money received after the RCV is claimed is referred to as “Supplemental”. This could include code related items, inaccurate measurement corrections, or problems that your insurance adjuster missed (among other things). Sometimes these items can only be found after the old roof is removed. You may be asked to sign a contract with a third party that sometimes handles our supplements for us. This service is paid for by us, and is never of any cost to you. This ensures that you pay no more than your deductible out of pocket.

In some cases, only our third party has the time to handle the problem with the insurance company. We roof four-seven houses a week. The RCV and Supplemental checks can take weeks to months to come in. Once this part is completed, you will be provided with all paperwork you request as well as our 10-year Leakmaster warranty. The GAF lifetime warranty can be registered online. Registration is not required. GAF offers a system plus warranty that covers 100% of the cost of replacement (including labor!) for the lifetime of the roof. This warranty costs 5% of the value of the contract.This is the time to discuss this with the project manager since we, as GAF certified roof installers, are required to register it.

If you need help with roof damage insurance claims in Atlanta, please call 404-998-2601 or complete our online request form.