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Homeowner Checklist - Preparing for Your Roof Replacement in Atlanta

atlanta roof replacement checklist

The day of your roof installation is a big day indeed! We’ve provided some valuable information below to help this process go smoothly. Please review it again a few days before the installation. If you have any questions at all, please call us!

preparing atlanta roof replacement

1) Mow your grass:

There are several thousand nails holding up your existing roof. We pride ourselves in picking up 99% of all roof-related debris. We use large magnets to pick up the old nails. However, if the grass is taller than the wheels on the magnets, we won’t be able to reach all of the nails. Please have your grass cut as short as possible to help us get all of that debris out of there.

homeowner checklist roofing atlanta

2) Take care of satellite dishes:

Please call your satellite provider if your dish is attached to the roof. Our team will remove the dish and put it back where it was, but we do not have specialized equipment to fully calibrate the system. Ask to have the dish placed on a ground pole to eliminate the possibility of leaking from the dish’s screws.

atlanta roofing contractor

3) Keep the dozen rule in mind.

If you find more than 12 nails after we are gone please call us!

We will be happy to come and clean again. In fact, if anything at all is out of place, we are happy to move it. We strive to satisfy our customers at every step. The last step is just as important as the first!

new roof atlanta ga

4) Protect items in the attic:

Often, we’re installing a brand new ridge vent system. This generates sawdust, and much of it will find its way into the attic. It will not hurt your insulation or anything else, but it may cover some of your personal belongings with dust. We recommend covering them with old blankets or tarps before installation day. If your garage does not have a ceiling and the roofing rafters are exposed, inform us ASAP!

roofing installation atlanta ga

5) Move breakables away from the house:

This could mean potted plants, grills, patio tables, ornamental lighting, and a host of other things. We will be removing four to nine tons of old material. We don’t want any valuables to be damaged in the process.

roof installer atlanta ga

6) Clear your driveway:

If it’s possible for you to park on the street, please do. Cars are likely the most valuable property you have that sits outside your home. Also, you may need to run to the store or go to work! Our crews typically arrive right at sunup. They prefer to park as close to the house as possible so that they can throw debris directly into the trailer.

roof installation atlanta ga

7) Do not walk through any doorway where work is being performed.

Things fall — hammers, shingles, metal drip edge, etc. When you open the door, try to make visual contact with a team member to confirm you are safe to walk out of your home.

roofing atlanta ga

8) Let the neighbors know what’s going on.

It is unlikely that we will disrupt their lives in any way, but they will appreciate the heads up. Afterall, we’d love to do their roofs, too! If your neighbor approaches us at the installation, you may be eligible for a gift card to your favorite restaurant or retail shop.

roof replacement atlanta ga

9) Enjoy the day!

You’ve heard people describe a boring event by saying “it’s like watching paint dry.” You’ll never hear someone say that about watching 10 guys climb a roof and build a new one! Go outside. Take pictures. Put it on Facebook (and tag us!). Get excited! This truly is an exciting time for all parties involved.

roofers atlanta ga

10) Don’t worry about providing bathroom, etc.

Roofers get quite filthy while working. We’re talking tar, fiberglass, sawdust, and sweat! We definitely don’t want to track this into your home. However, we’ve never turned down some cookies or sweet tea!

Take these tips to heart — they will make installation day so much easier! We look forward to completing a well-installed Your Neighbor’s Roofer Custom Roofing System that will protect your home for decades to come. Thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you.


Your Roofing Team at Your Neighbor’s Roofer

If you have questions about roof replacements in Atlanta, please call 404-998-2601 or complete our online request form.